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James Loudspeaker - PP8-M
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8 inch Woofer Marine PowerPipe Subwoofer

Model: PP8-M

  • (1) 8” (203mm) Aluminum Woofer
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aJames’ PowerPipe Subwoofer offers a seamless fusion of visionary technology and revolutionary performance. James’ bandpass design produces a thunderous performance while delivering smooth frequency response and tight transitions. The PowerPipe provides a uniquely spacious soundscape, like nothing before.Infinite installation possibilities - The PowerPipe disappears both from visual and aural perspectives. PowerPipe installs easily into your attic, basement, closet, entertainment center or other available unused space. Fill your room or home theater extraordinary, powerful bass.PowerPipe subwoofers offer a number of optional port exits for integration into any environment. Displayed are the "ceiling exit" and the "90 degree toekick exit".The basic design behind the Power Pipe is to move large amounts of air through a relatively small hose, which resonates at a tuned frequency of about 35Hz. This is achieved through the design of the driver and surrounding sealed cabinet composition. Because the woofer has been tuned with its acoustical peak in the region of frequencies where bass energy in music and movie soundtracks tend to be greatest, the driver can operate at the frequencies within its linear cone excursion range, and rely on the band pass flextube to simply “amplify” its output.

  • (1) 8” (203mm) Aluminum Woofer
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